Sunday, June 7, 2015

Drugs are working

Marshall has taken three of the antibiotic pills now and his urinary issues have pretty much all cleared up.  It is wonderful!  Just goes to show that we shouldn't immediately blame everything on the cancer.  We should have gone to the doctor when the problems first started.  He's feeling so much better.  And his mood has been so much better.  He still has back pain which he says feels like the back pain he's had off and on for his whole life and we're treating it with oycodone.

He even took a walk outside today.   By himself.  How cool is that?

We spent some time today getting the house in order so that it will look presentable when prospective buyers come to look at it.  And, as a matter of fact, we had a couple come and look at it today.  It was the daughter of one of our neighbors.  She and her family walked in, looked around quickly, and left without hardly saying two words to us, so they did not appear to be interested.

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