Sunday, June 28, 2015


Are you getting as tired of the word "pain" as we are?  Marshall is now having very bad pain in his right shoulder and his knee.  We think it is probabably arthritis but the doctor said not to take any Aleve because it could cause possible liver problems.  So he is taking the breakthrough morphine for the pain.

Yesterday he stood up twice but I didn't see him do any walking.  Perhaps he did with Gina, I forgot to ask her.  He's been sleeping A LOT.

The palliative care person was here the other day and she went over all of his medications and we signed the form for palliative care.  I can now call a nurse 24/7 and I guess I should probably call her about the shoulder pain.  It seems like I never know what to do, my brain is fuzzy.

This coming week he has to be at the hospital on Thursday to see the radiation oncologist to get "mapped" for radiation, the spine surgeon for a post-op visit, then get lab work done, and then see the oncologist to get the results of the scans that were done at the hospital last week, as well as the lab work.  So since it will be a long day we are going to go up on Wednesday and get a hotel room and then on Thursday after the day of doctors, we're going to stay with Jim and Char in Golden, and come home on Friday.  It will be a nice visit with dear friends.

Then I am assuming the following week will be the beginning of a series of radiation treatments.  We'll have more details on that on Thursday.

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