Friday, June 19, 2015

Post surgery

Marshall didn't feel so good today.  He couldn't keep any food or liquid down and was vomiting all day long.  They were giving him IV fluids and potassium and other things that he lost due to the nausea.  He is also extremely constipated and they worked at that today as well, with no luck.

They came with his brace and put it on him and he was told he cannot remove the brace at all for at least six weeks.  That is going to be tough because sleeping in that brace isn't pleasant.

The nursing staff is extremely busy with admissions this evening so we are not getting the constant attention we've been getting. :)  Marshall is extremely hot and I've been putting cool wash cloths on his head and when I feel his head it is cool and clammy even though he says he is burning up and he's sweating a lot -- his pillow is all wet.  I felt his legs and they are freezing and yet his feet are warm.  The nurse just came in and I asked her to feel his legs and his forehead and she agreed he was cold and clammy but she did not seem too concerned.  Weird.

They are going to give him an enema at some point tonight.  But while he is waiting for that he is trying to sleep.

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