Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unscheduled visit to Cancer Center

I've been calling the oncologist's office keeping them up to date on the fact that Marshall has been in bed and not eating for several weeks now. He got on the scale today and he weighs 227 (down from 252). Also, I let them know that Marshall has kind of been in la-la-land with the morphine and Dilaudid he's been taking. But even though he's in la-la-land, I still requested stronger pain pills because Marshall says the pain won't let up.

So today the doctor calls and he wants us up in Denver ASAP (tomorrow) for a full body MRI and brain scan to see if they can find a reason for what's going on. We need to check in at 4:45P and the tests will start at 5:15P

So I have our suitcases packed and Gina will be here tomorrow and Saturday to watch the animals.

Stay tuned.

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