Thursday, December 25, 2014

Getting settled in

First of all, a Christmas "selfie":

Marshall was admitted to McCandless on Christmas Eve and the day was spent getting a medication schedule set, etc. It didn't go well for him because he was in really bad pain again and they wouldn't start pain medication until their pharmacist went through the drug list and approved everything. So it looks like we got behind the pain and have to get caught up again. Marshall was miserable.

They have added a new medication called Marinol, which is basically a marijuana pill. It appears to be helping.

I am not sure when he will see his official doctor here, but I'm guessing probably on Friday.

The oncologist tells me that if he builds up his strength enough that he can tolerate further treatment for his cancer, we can discuss a new plan of action. We got the hospital to do a PSA test and Marshall's PSA has gone down from 35 to 28. Marshall is very motivated. So that's one bright spot.

The physical therapist came in and visited with him. His name is JB and he is muscular and motivating (not to mention gorgeous). He will start working with Marshall Friday or Monday.

I wish we could find out definitively what is causing his excruciating pain in his lower back. And why it is so hard to control. The only thing that really controlled it in the hospital was administered by IV and they don't do IV here at the VA Home.

When I got there today (Christmas) he was doing really well. He decided that getting so much of the pain pill Dilaudid was causing hallucinations (I can vouch for that) so he is trying to cut back. But by 3:00 he was in bad pain again. It was close to time for another Marinol so he opted for that instead of Dilaudid. I had already left to come home, so I'll find out later tonight how that worked. He did so good today the whole time I was there, it felt so normal.

The Christmas meal at McCandless was just delicious. Marshall had a good appetite today and ate the entire meal. All the guys got Christmas presents from the staff today.

He is able to transfer from his power chair to the bed and vice versa without help so that is good progress.

That's it for today. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

PS: If anyone wants to send him a card:

Marshall Mullins
c/o McCandless Veterans Home
903 Moore Drive, Room 208-A
Florence, CO 81226

His phone will be his cell phone: 719-431-7112. If it turns out he doesn't keep track of it or doesn't keep it charged, I will go ahead and pay to have a land line installed.

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  1. Hi Marilyn. My dad used to work at the Veteran's home in Florence, up until the day he was in his accident. They are really great people!! Know that he is in good hands!!