Sunday, December 7, 2014

A weird morning

I woke Marshall up at 7:30 this morning to give him his first morphine pills. Usually when I wake him up, he takes off his CPAP mask and props himself up on his elbow and takes the pills. Then he goes right back to sleep.

This morning he just laid there and looked at me and didn't talk. I gave him a little time to get himself together but he still just laid there. The pillow was soaking wet with sweat so I got him a fresh pillow.

Finally I took the mask off of his face and propped a pillow behind him and got him to take the pills. Then I got him laid back down, put the mask back on and I went to feed the animals.

When I came back to the bedroom he had taken the mask back off and he was laying at the other end of the bed and when I asked him what he was doing, he said, "Getting ready to go." I asked him where he was going and he just looked at me. I told him we weren't going anywhere today and he said, "Can I go back to bed?"

So he is now sleeping comfortably again. Gina is coming today because I've got to get over to Walgreens and get more prescriptions filled. I'm going to Chicago on Thursday for four glorious days and I want to be sure I don't get behind on any medications for Gina. She's going to stay in the guest bedroom while I'm gone. I've set up a baby monitor so she can hear Marshall if he needs anything.

Then on Monday, Dec. 15, the contractors will be here again to finish putting down the wood flooring in the house. The 15th has turned out to not be a good day since we have to be back at the oncologist's on the 15th, but we've waited MONTHS for these guys to have time to finish this floor and I'm not about to try to reschedule. So Gina will be here for that Monday.

Then I will be back for the rest of the week as they finish it up (they are doing two rooms). So before I head to Chicago I have the fun job of totally emptying out two rooms and, if some extra energy magically appears, I'd like to paint the rooms before the floor is put in. Who among us thinks that is going to happen??? Hah!

But better to stay crazy busy than to sit and dwell on things, right?

The contractor told me that as long as they are going to be here they might as well go ahead and do the master bedroom, too. Now, I really want that done, but that will be a monumental project. First, the furniture in there is heavy and I can't move it by myself (the other two rooms will be a breeze, nothing heavy). But even more importantly, Marshall will need to be moved to the guest bedroom with CPAP machine and oxygen concentrator and all the tubing that goes with it. I haven't decided yet if I want to go ahead with that room just now or not.

So that's today's story.

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