Sunday, December 21, 2014

A quiet day

I was able to do a bunch of stuff around the house last night and this morning and it felt good to get some of that done.

I got to the hospital around noon and Marshall and I had lunch together. He had several periods of forgetfulness throughout today, but all things considered it was a good day.  The x-rays on his leg yesterday showed no broken bones or fractures.  Yay!

The physical therapist came in and got Marshall up and over into a chair for a while. Then back to bed. They will be back tomorrow and maybe do more.

Tomorrow I will not be able to go to the hospital -- I have to stay here because the contractors will be finishing our floor tomorrow and I want to be here to see how it looks and also to pay them. I am also having a desk delivered. So I told Marshall several times today that I wouldn't be there tomorrow. However, when I left the hospital and reminded him again that I wouldn't see him tomorrow, he said, "Oh, yeah, you'll be at the bowling alley."

The intake people from the VA Home should be calling me here at home to get started on Marshall's admission to the Home, so that hopefully by Tuesday he can be transferred. I cried all day yesterday but today I am much calmer. I have to keep reminding myself that I cannot care for him at home any more.

Stay tuned.

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