Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Paperwork all done today

I spent most of today at McCandless filling out paperwork and talking to the head nurse.  They showed me Marshall's room (208, BedA) and even though the room has two beds, right now Marshall is the only occupant in the room.  It's kind of nice to start out that way.

If anyone wants to send him a card:

Marshall Mullins
c/o McCandless Veterans Home
903 Moore Drive, Room 208-A
Florence, CO. 81226

His phone will be his cell phone:  (719) 431-7112.  If he has trouble keeping up with the cell phone -- or keeping it charged -- we may just pay to get a land line put in the room.  We'll see how that goes.

Marshall called me this afternoon and said the pain in his right side right under the ribcage has gotten much worse and nobody can tell us what is causing that pain.  I feel so bad for him. But he had another good day with the physical therapists.  He was able to walk the entire floor twice.  Progress.

Tomorrow he will be transferred from Parkview around 10:00A.  I will be at McCandless waiting for him when he arrives to help him get settled and spend the day with him.  I'll have his power chair since I noticed today that almost every veteran resident that I saw had a power chair.  Even though he needs to do some walking every day to build up his muscles, he will need the power chair to get around in general

There were lots of holiday visitors there today and it was really festive.  There were also canine visitors.  I was SO glad to see that.  One woman had an all-white German Shepherd.  I had never seen one of those.  He was gorgeous.

More tomorrow.

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