Saturday, December 20, 2014

Addendum to today

Parkview Hospital admitted Marshall today in order to hold him for transfer to another facility. (He told me I was sending him to prison....) When they brought him to his room they asked him to stand up to get on the scale and get weighed. He fell down and hurt his leg and twisted his back a little. (At least the nurses know I wasn't lying when I said he falls down at home.) His leg was bleeding and they stopped the bleeding and then decided they'd better take x-rays just in case because of the cancer in his bones. I guess I'll find out the results of the x-rays tomorrow when I get there. They also gave him pain medication for his back.

They did manage to weigh him and he is now down to 217 from 252 in just about 5 weeks.

They put a catheter in to help him pee and he hated it. So he asked over and over for it to be taken out. They took it out right before I left and said if he didn't produce urine overnight they would have to put it back in.

On the way home it occurred to me that I'm going to have to figure out a way that Marshall can still see his wonderful pets. I would imagine that I could bring a dog into the Veterans Home to visit a patient. I sure hope so.

I've done a whole lot of crying today and he did, too.

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  1. My heart aches for you!! I do understand the fear, the memories running through your mind. Try and rest as much as you can. I will be praying the Veterans Home has no waiting list for him. (((((HUGS)))))