Monday, December 8, 2014

Busy day; Marshall still in bed

Well, Marshall is still in bed and not really eating (except for drinking Boost). Last night he asked me to get some fried chicken, so I did. He was able to get out of bed and eat a small dinner, along with a very small piece of pie, and then the pain put him back in bed again.

He got up once today but got nauseous and had a lot of pain so went back to bed. It's been almost four weeks since the last radiation treatment, so I was hoping to see some improvement by now. And we still haven't heard from the doctor with the results of the brain scan.

But today I was able to completely clear out Marshall's office (in preparation for the contractors who are going to put the wood laminate floor down) and I even painted the room. I did a pitiful job, but there just wasn't enough time for a quality job. And I would rather get it painted badly (for instance, I didn't fill in any holes and I painted right over cobwebs) and touch it up later than to have to move all that furniture again some day in the future to do a better job. When the floor is done and everything is back in the room, it will be a thing of beauty and no one will notice the flaws!!

Tomorrow Marshall has appointment with his primary care physician and we're going to see if he will take some x-rays to see if he can find any reason for the pain.

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