Monday, December 22, 2014

On more day at Parkview

Today Marshall was officially accepted into the McCandless Veterans Home in Florence, Colorado. He will be transferred there on Wednesday.

I will not be able to get over to see Marshall again tomorrow because I need to go to McCandless and fill out paperwork and take a week's worth of clothing for him. I'll find out what else he needs (like a TV, etc.) and I'll go out and get that on Wednesday.

Then I'll spend Christmas there with him. That actually should be very nice.

He called this morning and asked what he needed to do to come back home. I told him he needed to build up the strength in his legs so that he could walk again without falling (because I am simply unable to get him back up when he falls). I am just not able to care for him when he is so weak and also when he won't take his meds or leave his oxygen on. I told him this would not happen overnight but that McCandless did seem to have a good rehab program. Marshall said "Consider it done." Then he called me later today to tell me he had worked with the hospital's rehab people today and did very well. So that is very promising.

I spoke to the oncologist today (through his nurse) and he says as soon as Marshall is stabilized and has built up some strength we should come back to see Dr Flaig to discuss further treatments.

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