Sunday, December 14, 2014

To add to everything else, it is snowing!

I got to the hospital last night around 10:30PM. Marshall's nephew Kevin and Kevin's fiance Angie were there and had spent the day at the hospital with Marshall. They left and got a hotel and I spent the night with Marshall.

The plan was that I would come home this morning and get Marshall's medications and then drive back to Parkview Hospital, get Marshall released and drive up to Denver and get a hotel room at the cancer center.

So this morning I hit the road at about 9:30 and after about 35 miles drove into a snowstorm. Visibility was AWFUL. It was clear that I was not going to be able to get back to Pueblo today.

WhenI finally got close to the road that turns off to our house, there was an overturned cattle truck blocking the road and cows were everywhere (poor things, some were limping). There were ranchers on their ATVs trying to corral the cattle and get them off the road. So that was an adventure:

When I finally got home I called the hospital and learned that they are not going to release Marshall today because his blood counts are low. I knew something was going on because during the night they kept coming back to get more blood because they said it was "murky" and they weren't able to do the tests. When they finally did, the counts were low. I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back and elaborate.

So I guess I'll cancel our hotel reservation and cancel our appointment at the cancer center. I think Kevin and Angie will stay with him today since I can't get back there. God bless them.


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