Friday, October 10, 2014

We are home!

The trip home was very long and very tiring. We put our luggage out at 6:15A and then the Viking bus took us to Budapest Airport at 6:45A. The airport was gorgeous and was like a huge high-end shopping mall. All kinds of designer shops. I enjoyed browsing (and yes, buying...)

There was a wheelchair waiting for Marshall and they got him seated on the plane. When we got to Frankfurt, Germany, there was supposed to be a wheelchair there for him as well. But there wasn't. The people in the wheelchair area were extremely rude and kept saying "Sit! Wait!" We approached them every 15 minutes or so because we were getting close to time to board the plane. And each time it was "Sit! Wait!" But finally they called us up to get on one of those golf cart type vehicles and we got a lecture from the driver about "Too many people need wheelchair, not enough wheelchair, not our fault if you miss plane," etc.

When we got to the plane they had just finished boarding so we made it but it was close. Very stressful. It was a 10-hour flight and we didn't get much sleep. When we got to Denver we got through Customs easily and quickly so that was a relief.

Then we had a 4-hour drive from the Denver airport to our house. And we were EXHAUSTED. We slept for hours and we are still tired.

It is good to be home! What a great trip!

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