Friday, October 31, 2014


Today the hospital staff dressed up for Halloween. It was kind of fun watching witches whizzing around pushing wheelchairs! And Marshall was treated by a variety of people today -- Freddie Krueger, Pinky Tuscadero from Grease (she was so cool), a zombie and a skeleton. You couldn't help but smile today.

The palliative care doctor came by today and he said he was putting together the regimen of pain management that we would follow when we leave. He thinks we can leave tomorrow or Sunday.

All bodily functions worked well today. All in all, today was SO much better than the past three days. He is eating again and keeping it down. We still have a little ways to go until we can get the radiation, but it was nice to see him a little relaxed for a change.

Our dogsitter tells us things are fine at home but I can't wait to get there . The hospital is making me as comfortable as possible, but home is better.

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