Friday, October 31, 2014

Morning report

During the night, the heavy duty pain medication caused Marshall's breathing to slow down to the point where there were nurses in and out of here all night long. So he is on oxygen now..

Then around 6:00A, he was unable to urinate. They did an ultrasound and found that he had quite a bit of urine so they brought in a "straight catheter" which is inserted to drain the urine and then gets removed. They said that they would give him a few hours and if he still wasn't able to go he would probably get a more long-term catheter. They thought that his inability to go might have been related to anxiety.

Around 10:30 he tried again and was able to go so that was good news. It must have indeed been anxiety.

Now they are working on the constipation. They've tried a whole host of things and about an hour ago they gave him a suppository.

With the pain-med pump he has been way more comfortable but the pain level still stays at a 3 or 4. But he thinks he can manage a 3 or 4 pain level, so we'll see what the palliative doctor says later today. I am still hoping to get out of here tomorrow. The hospitalist wasn't optimistic about that.

I miss my animals.

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