Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Still working on pain control

When I got here today, around 10:30A, Marshall was doing okay. They had put a lidocaine patch on his back, in addition to the Dilaudid. But around 2:00 the pain was back with a vengeance. So the pain patch only was effective for about 6 hours and it's supposed to work for 12 hours. So around 3:00 they gave him more Dilaudid and in a few minutes he started to relax.

He hadn't eaten at all yesterday and this morning he had a few crackers and some milk in order to take his chemo pill. An hour or so later he threw up. At noon he ate a little bit of chicken soup. An hour or so later he threw up again.

A little while ago he went to the bathroom and had blood in his urine, so they took it to do a urinalysis. The nurse came back later and said it wasn't blood and there wasn't an infection so she assumes it is caused by a medication. Hopefully it will clear up by tomorrow.

Dr. Flaig's nurse just called and said that the University Hospital doesn't work with Parkview so she couldn't send orders here for any blood work that the University would have done today if we had made our appointment. However, she said she was sure that -- except for the PSA -- they would do the same tests anyway. She said to keep her posted.

It is now 8PM and no doctor has been in to see us today. This is quite frustrating. Marshall just told the night nurse how upset he is about not seeing a doctor today. My emotions are sooooooooo fragile right now.

I am going to spend the night here with him tonight. Our dogsitter has agreed to stay at the house as long as we need her.

Hope to have news tomorrow.

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