Monday, October 6, 2014

Budapest, Day Two

Yesterday I walked all around the hotel.  Many many shops, but they are all designer shops (Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and scores of others) so I didn't go into any of them.

The Harley store was 2-1/2 blocks away, so I got over there and bought more shirts and other Harley paraphernalia.  We wanted shirts that said Budapest.  There were a whole bunch of Americans in there asking for shirts that said Budapest.

Then Marshall and I walked up and down the shopping district.  There was a Starbucks at one end (you know I love my Starbucks...) and the Starbucks took Euros, Forints or US Dollars, so I didn't have to worry about exchanging any money. 

We got back to the room and tried our best to watch TV, but it was beyond our abilities to figure out how to use the TV.  (We didn't have any luck getting on the internet, either). And we were honestly so darn tired that we took a nap that lasted all night!

This morning we went down for breakfast and then over to Starbucks.  We figured out the TV and the hotel helped us get on the internet.  In about an hour we leave for our 3-hour tour of both sides of the city.

Here are some representative photos so far:
Budapest bridge at night

Across the street from the hotel.

Fair across from hotel.
Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport and on our way back home.  May post pictures tonight of our tour today around Budapest (now that we have command of the internet once again!!)

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