Saturday, October 4, 2014

Budapest, Day One

We docked in Budapest at 8:30 this morning.  The entire boat left the ship for a tour of the city.  Marshall and I stayed here because we have two more days here and plenty of time to explore with a taxi driver.

Last night Marshall was in pain again so we missed the Captain's farewell dinner.  One of the cabin stewards brought us a tray of food, bless her heart.  This morning he felt better and we are keeping the Advil coming so we stay ahead of that pain.

I needed another suitcase to bring back my purchases so I talked to the ship's concierge and just two blocks away is a shopping district.  So I spent an hour or so shopping.  The currency here is Forints and 300 forints equal 1 US Dollar.  My suitcase cost 46,000 forints.  It felt weird signing that credit card receipt.

The little shopping district was adorable so I am including photos.  Also, at every stop we make another ship shows up with big red lips on the front.  That ship is behind us today right off of our verandah.  Cute.

I am now packing.  We leave the ship tomorrow at 9AM to go to our hotel.  We hope to find another Harley dealer here.
Shopping district

Shopping District

Shopping district

This is one of the views from our ship.  I have no idea what this building is but it is HUGE.

Lips boat.

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