Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, still at hospital

I slept pretty good last night here in the hospital room. Marshall also had a quiet night but the pain whacked him again this morning around 9:00. He was in awful pain and we called the nurse. We were told it would be another 15 minutes and he couldn't handle that. We managed to get the nurse (Kelly) in here quicker and she gave him more intravenous Dilaudid as well as another lidocaine pain patch on his back. He has drifted off to sleep now.

Kelly said they are going to alternate drugs today. They can give IV Dilaudid three hours apart and they can give Percocet three hours apart so they are going to alternate the two so that hopefully he stays comfortable more consistently.

She told us that the red urine was caused by a drug called Pyridium that was added to his mix of drugs yesterday to either treat a UTI or prevent a UTI. That was a relief. We wonder why yesterday's nursing staff couldn't tell us that.

Kelly also said they have requested a palliative oncologist to come and see Marshall.

So now we are waiting for doctors. And for the time being he is resting comfortably..

More later.

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