Friday, October 3, 2014

Vienna, Austria

Today there were several tours, but we have kind of been discouraged from trying to take the tours because Marshall just can't walk very fast or very far without resting.  So we got up this morning and Marshall said, "I wonder if there's a Harley dealer in Vienna". We got on the internet and found the address for Fischer Harley and we asked the ship's concierge to arrange a car for us.

We got a wonderful taxi driver who first took us for an hour's drive through Vienna and pointed out buildings of interest.  The city is just filled with ancient castles and other buildings that are hundreds of years old sitting next to modern buildings that are recently built.  The driver was so informative.  We took a lot of pictures.

Then he took us to the Harley dealer and we spent 30 minutes picking out t-shirts for us and for grandkids.  We arrived back at the ship at the same time as one of the tour buses and as people got off the bus and saw my Harley shopping bags, we were the center of attention.  It was amazing the people who would have rather gone to the Harley store than the tour they were just on.  So a bunch of our fellow passengers ran to the concierge and arranged their own car to go to the Harley dealer before we sail later today.  Cool!

Tonight is the Captain's Farewell Dinner and tomorrow we will be in Budapest.




Fischer Harley Davidson, Vienna, Austria

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