Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No doctor visit today

Well, today was supposed to be my appointment with the cardiologist to see where things stand.  I got to his office only to learn that he had had an emergency and would not be there.  So they scheduled me for June 8.  Very disappointing.  But I asked his nurse if he could at least find out if I could start exercising a little bit -- I've gained 8 pounds and that needs to end.

He says I can do very low impact exercising.  And I can do light yoga as long as I don't get my arms involved.  And I have to be very careful in daily activities with my arms so that I don't over-stretch.

When I go back next week they will "interrogate" the pacemaker and see how it's doing.  I am especially interested in the battery life of the pacemaker.  I know I'm an old hand at this surgery now but with any luck at all, it will be at least two years before I need to do it again.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the ophthalmologist to see what's going on with my left eye.  Everything is a blur with my left eye.

I've been getting out every day exploring the neighborhood and having lunch or breakfast.  At first I thought it would be weird to be eating by myself but as I looked around I saw that there were quite a few people dining alone.  I guess Inever paid attention before.

I went to Cracker Barrel the other day and got on the waiting list for breakfast.  An announcement came over the loudspeaker:  "Joe, party of 2," "Susan, party of 4," "Marilyn."  It was cute that she didn't say "party of 1."  Ha.

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