Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An experiment

I'm going to tell you about my new coffee pot and then we're going to see how long it takes Google to put coffee-related advertisements on my blog.  When I first started the blog back in 2012, in order to get a free blog I had to agree that Google could include advertisements.  I didn't pay much attention at first because the ads didn't really interfere with the blog entries, but it appeared that most of the ads were related to prostate cancer.  However, as I paid closer attention, I noticed that if I talked about something other than prostate cancer, the ads would be tailored to almost any topic.  So we'll see what happens now:

Have you seen Sofia Vergara's ad for the Ninja Coffee Bar?  I went out and bought it and I am loving it. You can set it to make a cup of coffee, a travel cup of coffee, a half carafe or a whole carafe.  After you have set it for size, you then set it for whether you want Regular or Rich brew.  You can also set it for iced coffee or lattes.  And it also has a milk frother.  Anyway, for a coffee nut like me, this is a pretty cool coffee maker.  (Now let's watch the ads that show up on the blog...)

I got a call from the Toyota manager today and he said they are going to reissue the warranty refund checks and I should have them in 10 days.  That was good news.

And I spent most of the day today trying to figure out why my air conditioner won't work.  It took me HOURS to find the breaker box -- turns out the breaker box is outside.  I was not able to figure out how to open it.  I called the electric company and they refused to give me any advice on the phone and they also refused to send anyone out to check the breaker box.  So finally I called an HVAC company and they are coming tomorrow.  I hate being the "man" of the house!!

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