Friday, May 27, 2016

Bead Store

For the past four years I have barely touched my jewelry making stuff.  And ever since I moved here to Thornton I have noticed a sign at 120th and Washington that says "Beads."  So today I ventured over there and found a delightful little bead store called Alley Cat Beads.  I spent a bit of time in there buying beads.  And I signed up for a few classes to kind of refresh my skills and also to just get out and do something.  I'm looking forward to it.  The creative juices are flowing again.  Every day gets better ... finally.

A representative from my builder stopped by today with regard to my air conditioner problems of yesterday.  He said they are going to reimburse me the $275 I put out yesterday (it was originally going to be $200 but the guy noticed that the filters needed to be changed and the air conditioner needed freon.)  That was good news.

The builder's other reason for coming by was to make sure I had emergency phone numbers to call and his cell number if I had any other problems.  The warranty ends at the end of this year.

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