Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Medical stuff

When Marshall died and I moved back to Denver, the first thing on my to-do list was to get my health back in order after those four years of intense stress.  But the whole atrial fibrillation and pacemaker hospitalization kind of took a front seat.

But now that I appear to be getting in a groove with regard to those things, it's time to cover the other things.  I found a primary care doctor and saw her to begin a relationship with her office.  Monday I had a bone density test.  Tomorrow I will have routine lab work done.  And I still need to get a dentist appointment and a dermatologist.

I have been having vision problems (my left eye is especially bad) so I went to see an optometrist and he said there was nothing he could do for me and he referred me to an ophthalmologist.  That appointment is on June 1st.  I am kind of concerned about this.  If the optometrist tells me there's nothing he can do -- not even a new prescription for glasses -- that's a little scary. I'm wondering if it's a side effect from one of the medications I'm taking.

Once I get caught up on health issues, I need to find a good pet-sitter so that I can take off for four or five days at a time and not worry about the cats.  Then I can maybe get out and do things.

When I go to Ohio in July to spread Marshall's ashes, I plan to stop in Indianapolis to see an old high school friend (John).  My closest friends in school were Donna and John and we were almost inseparable.  It will be fun to spend some time with him and re-live our youth.  It would be even more fun if Donna would join us (Donna?  What do you say?). LOL.  When I have finished scattering Marshall's ashes, I think that will be time to end this blog.  Time to try to move on.  I have to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop the constant whining.

By the way, my sister made it home and she is getting back to her daily routine.  I miss having her here.

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