Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Getting better every day

Today I got the results of my bone density test -- everything is in normal range.  I am almost giddy!

And I've been feeling great so I assume the pacemaker is as it should be (I'll find out on May 31st).

There are still one or two lingering annoyances, though.  I've been trying to get the Toyota refunds on the two extended warranties that we had on our Highlander and our truck that I traded in.  The checks came made out to Marshall only and the bank wouldn't take them.  Yesterday I finally got through to a man at the warranty place and he told me that since the checks were in Marshall's name they could not reissue them and I was just going to be out the money.  He told me it was the dealership's fault for making out the paperwork wrong.

So I called our Toyota salesman (we bought SIX vehicles from this guy over the years) and he says he can fix this.  We'll see.  I am quite upset.  I called the bank again and they say they would take the checks if I went to the courthouse and opened a Probate Case and then brought certified documents to the bank.  I will do that if I have to, but I'm afraid that would maybe open a can of worms that I would rather stayed closed.

Another lingering issue has been trying to get Marshall's motorcycle from Westcliffe up here to Thornton.  My first option is to drive it myself but I'm hesitant to do that because I don't want my first long ride on the trike to be on Interstate 25.  So I've been talking to various friends and trying to find someone who would either drive it or tow it up here.  It almost happened once and then weather stepped in and canceled those plans.

So today somehow I had a clearer mind than usual and I called Pike's Peak Harley -- the place where we bought the bike -- and asked if they had any solutions.  They remembered Marshall and were very kind to him throughout his cancer battle and for a very nominal fee they are going to go get the bike on June 2 (which happens to be our 29th wedding anniversary, if that has any meaning) and bring it up here to me.  Things seem to be leveling out, don't they?  I am actually going for long periods of time without crying even once.

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