Monday, May 2, 2016

My sister's car is ready

Linda's car has been repaired from its encounter with the deer so tomorrow we are driving to Hays, Kansas to take her rental car back and pick up her car.  Then we will come back.  It's about a 5-hour drive one-way so tomorrow will be a very long day.  She will be glad to get her car back.

It has been incredible having her here.  She's been cooking up a storm and is going to leave my freezer stocked with meals for me.  She has done all the heavy lifting for me and when she leaves (probably on Friday) I will have everything I need for the next few weeks of recuperation.  I will be sad when she leaves.

Today we took Okie (my 6-year-old cat) to the vet.  He hasn't been eating good, he's been throwing up a lot and he's lost weight.  He could be reacting to stress just like me (losing Marshall and Coco) and he also could be having problems with the brand of food I buy.  So they did a bunch of blood work and we should hear the results of that in a few days.  If the blood work comes out good, we will start experimenting with different brands of food.  He also needs dental work which I'll worry about later.

I reached the Toyota people today and they say they are sending out new refund checks.  That was way too easy.

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