Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ophthalmologist Visit

Today I saw Dr. May, Ophthalmologist.  He is the first ophthalmologist I've ever gone to who does everything himself.  He put the drops in the eye, he checked my glasses, and he did all the tests.  And he was very efficient about it.  I really liked him.  (So far I've been very lucky in all of the new medical relationships I've been forming.)

Anyway, I went to him because I haven't been able to see out of my left eye for several months -- everything is a big blur.  And the left eye already has had cataract surgery about six years ago.  So he examined me and found that a membrane has formed behind the lens that was inserted when the cataract surgery was done.  He tells me he can fix that with a laser procedure that can be done on an outpatient basis.  He says it is painless and only takes a few seconds.  So my appointment for the laser procedure is June 13.  And I can't wait!!

Tomorrow the motorcycle should arrive.  Things are progressing nicely, aren't they?

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