Monday, June 20, 2016


One of the side effects of the laser treatment that I had done to my left eye was floaters. If I understood what the ophthalmologist said, when he zapped that membrane that was blocking my vision, it was broken up into little pieces (floaters) that keep dashing around in my eyesight.  It's like little bugs flying around my face so I am constantly fighting the urge to swat bugs.  I look pretty silly.

Today was my followup with the ophthalmologist and he said that a lot of the floaters should dissipate on their own and I should give it a few weeks.  However, if they don't, he can do more laser stuff.  I would like to get rid of the annoying floaters; however, it is a small price to pay to get that vision back.

My prescription changed quite a bit so I got to order a new pair of glasses today (boy, the price of eyeglasses is outrageous).  Since it is very hard for me to pick out new glasses because I can't see good enough to determine what they look like, the technician kept taking my picture so I could see the choices better.  Here's the final choice -- they should be ready in a week:

And while I was there picking out glasses, guess who walked in for an appointment?  My cardiologist!  I think it's a good sign that I picked a good ophthalmologist if my cardiologist also goes to him, right?

I had a jewelry class on Saturday and it was a lot of fun.  Tomorrow is another class.

Next Wednesday I have to take Okie to the vet for dental work.  I know it is for his own good but I hate taking a pet in knowing they are going to have anesthesia.  But it will be out of the way when Tricia comes next Thursday to stay for a week.  My sister-in-law and niece will be here the 4th of July.  So it will be busy.

I've made arrangements for a road grader to work on my road down in Westcliffe.  That will probably get done in early July.  Hopefully it will help the house sell.

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