Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So far, my appointment with the cardiologist  is still set for tomorrow -- although he did change it from 3PM to 10:45A.    And I'm beginning to realize that my doctor's expectations from our appointments are quite a bit different from my expectations.  For him, it just means listen to my heart and ask how I'm feeling and answer any of my questions.  To me, I was thinking he would do a pacemaker "interrogation" and then go over the report with me and also do blood work.

I think he plans to do all those things tomorrow, but only because I brought it up.  I asked his nurse if he was going to do an interrogation and the nurse said, "Why?"  I think that sums up our differences right there.  So tomorrow I guess (hope) we are going to do the kind of workup I was expecting and from here on out I will try to approach these appointments with no expectations.  Live life on the edge... (ha)

On another note, this morning I was able to successfully use a stud-finder to find the studs on the kitchen wall and I hung a pegboard pot rack, which is all the more impresive since I am limited on using my left arm!  I also hung some artwork and framed photos.  I think it's time to get a tool belt!!  Of course, when I hung the pegboard I had visions of it coming loose and hitting the floor in the middle of the night and scaring the stuffing out of me.  But at least I am progressing.

As soon as I can find the proper "riser" ramps to use to get the motorcycle out of the garage without dragging the "gatling gun" pipes (the driveway into the garage is short and steep) I ought to be able to venture out for a short ride.

Some people looked at my house Saturday and they acted very interested but I haven't heard anything since so I guess they changed their minds.

Remember the girl (Gina) who helped me through Marshall's illness?  Her dad died last week so I'm heading down to Westcliffe for a few days to go to the funeral.  I will be able to see how my pacemaker does at altitude.

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