Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trip to Westcliffe

Yesterday Coco and I left early and headed down to Canon City to see Coco's regular vet, Dr. Rose.

Dr. Rose did an examination and determined that Coco does indeed have cervical pain.  She believes it is muscular.  She advised me to go ahead and give him the muscle relaxer and the pain pills, but to hold off on the prednisone for now.  She thought that was a little too much right now.  She also thought that some more of those laser treatments would be a good thing.  So I will make appointments for those.

Then Coco and I went to my house to check it out and we spend the night there.  It is so peaceful and beautiful down there.  I sure miss it.

You should have seen Coco when we got there.  It was like he was seeing a long-lost friend.  He ran around like a little maniac sniffing and checking things out and then he demanded to be let in the house so he could check it out.  It was so cute.

A neighbor came over last night and we had pizza and visited for a while.  And then this morning I met friends Glenn and Terri for breakfast.  Then they came over and cleaned out the garage for me and hauled a huge pile of stuff off to the landfill.  I am so grateful for that.  Things are really falling into place.  Now we just need people to come and look at the house.  I don't ever hear a word from my real estate agent and that's kind of disappointing.  I know the house will be hard to sell but I would expect the agent to check in with me every few weeks just to say hi and assure me that I haven't been forgotten.

Last night I realized that my solar energy's backup generator was coming on when it shouldn't and it seemed to be running constantly.  That's not good.  I called Pat at Solar Solutions and he checked it out and tells me that the batteries are failing and I probably should get new ones.  If I don't get new ones the generator will keep overdoing it and the propane bill will be pretty high.  So today I went to see Pat and gave him a big fat check so he could start the process of replacing all the batteries.  I'm sure I would have to do it when the house sells -- if someone had the house inspected they would surely want the batteries replaced.  I feel very fortunate that I do have the money to do this.  But let's hope there aren't any more problems.

It was weird being in a house without a TV.  I had my iPad, though, and was able to get Hulu so I watched a bunch of episodes of the old Mary Tyler Moore show.  That was fun.

Coco refused to sleep with me.  That has NEVER happened before.  He slept on a rug on the floor all night.  I wonder what that was all about.

I loaded the car up today with more stuff from the house (I think I have it all now) and Coco and I left around 2:30.  We got home tonight around 5:30 and the cats were overjoyed to see us.  And I now have a treadmill.  My friends Tony and Margaret had a brand new one they didn't want so while I was out of town they brought it over and set it up.  Yay.

I have been feeling SO GOOD!  No Afib episodes at all, at least none that I detected.  I've had energy and I've been in a good mood (although the Ativan might have something to do with that).  I finally decided that I needed help so I started taking the Ativan that was prescribed for me last year and it has truly helped.  But I guess the pacemaker is doing its job, too.

That's it for today.

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