Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Grief support group

I made it to the support group tonight, but it is about an hour's drive away so it won't be easy to attend regularly, since my night vision isn't the greatest, and it was mildly challenging to get there and then get home.

However, it was wonderful.  There were about 20 people there and if I understood correctly, there were another 10 people who usually attend but who had taken off as a group and gone to Mexico.

I was one of six people who were attending for the first time.  And we were sworn to confidentiality -- we are not supposed to repeat anything we hear from others in the meeting.

But I can say that it was absolutely incredible to be able to listen to all the other stories and find out how others are dealing with the same thing I am.  And even though Marshall's hospice people told me I would start healing in about a year, I learned tonight that there are people whose spouse died two or three years ago and they are still grieving.  That was unsettling.  But there were also people there who have been able to move on to some extent after six months.  One guy has been dating extensively.  So it was great and I will do my best to continue to attend.

I didn't participate much tonight.  Every time I tried to tell my story I couldn't stop crying.  So maybe next time.

They have regular dinner get-togethers and they have a fundraiser coming up in May that I already volunteered to attend and help.

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