Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This week I went shopping every day. And every day, when I came out of the store I could not find my car. Monday it took me 20 minutes. Tuesday it took 10 minutes. Today i went to Home Depot before my doctor appointment and when I left I needed to hit the alarm button on my key fob in order to pinpoint the car.

So I went to the doctor appointment only to learn that the appointment is tomorrow, not today. This is scary.

But I was able to get the INR checked and it was 1.7 which means I ate too many greens this past week. They didn't change my Warfarin dose but if I don't do better next time they will.

On another note, today I called Pueblo Toyota which is where we bought our pickup truck (and all our other cars) and asked if I could put it on their lot on consignment and our salesman said they would probably just buy it back from me so next week I will probably sell the truck. I love that truck but I do not need two vehicles and two car payments.

Little by little I am moving forward. If I can manage to not forget, I have a grief support meeting tonight.

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