Sunday, September 28, 2014

We are in Germany

This is interesting.  I opened the blog so that I could type up a post and the whole blog was in German!!  So I am hoping for the best.

The driver that drove us the 2 hours to the ship was full of information.  For instance, Munich is the capital of Bavaria and Bavaria is part of Germany.  Our driver was Bavarian and he filled us with information with regard to the differences between Germans and Bavarians.  It was very interesting.

And our drive to the ship was on the Audobon where there isn't a speed limit to speak of.  He was driving at 120 miles an hour.  Yikes.

The trip was very long and we are exhausted.  When they showed us to our room, I got unpacked and then we both took a long nap.  Marshall is still napping.  Tomorrow we should be raring to go.

We are docked right now in Nuremburg.  Tomorrow before we sail away from Nuremburg there is going to be a short bus tour of this area.  Marshall should have no trouble handling a bus tour.  The captain and the program director are awesome.  When I explained Marshall's situation they said they would do everything they could to make it possible for him to participate in more of the shore activities.

Tonight while Marshall was still sleeping, I went down to listen to the safety/informational briefing and then they announced that dinner was starting at 7PM.  I asked the program director if I could just bring food to the room because I knew Marshall wouldn't want to walk the length of the ship this evening.  The captain (Captain Horvath) heard me and he brought me a menu and he delivered the food himself.  That is incredible service!

I should have known -- but somehow spaced out -- that it is Oktoberfest in Germany so everyone at the airport (and also our driver) was dressed in traditional German dress.
Marshall with his wheelchair driver at Munich Airport

Our living room -- another ship is docked right behind ours.

Bathroom with window to the Danube River
I didn't take any pictures of the Danube River just yet because it isn't very pretty at all at this spot where the ship is docked. 

Marshall has been feeling pretty good, just some slight travel pains.  It has been challenging adjusting his medication schedule (cancer drugs need to be kind of precise) with the 8-hour time difference, but I think we got a handle on it.

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