Monday, September 1, 2014

Depression continued

Marshall is still extremely depressed.  I thought it would get better over the weekend, but it didn't really change.  So tomorrow we will call for an appointment with Dr. Bonney, the VA psychiatrist.

Tonight was the scheduled night for the support group conference call and he didn't feel like participating.  I think it might have helped him, but oh well....  He has to fight his disease in his own way and I have to accept that.

And by the way, the dentures aren't working out.  He still has pain.  So we need to make appointment with the dentist again in a last ditch effort to see if more can be done.  This is also depressing since the cost for these dentures was pretty high.

Also tomorrow, we are going to have satellite internet installed.  Our CenturyLink DSL has gotten worse and worse and even the technical support person I spoke to thought that switching to satellite might be the better way to go.  CenturyLink just doesn't care much about the small market that we live in.

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