Monday, September 8, 2014


Well, Marshall's primary care physician (Dr. Bliss) and his VA psychiatrist (Dr. Bonney) have put their heads together and they believe that Ritalin might benefit Marshall. They think that it will give him a better energy level and it will also help the antidepressant work better. So they asked me to get the oncologist to approve it.

I contacted Dr. Flaig and he checked to be sure it wouldn't interact badly with all the other medications Marshall is taking (the other doctors did that, too) and Dr. Flaig gave the go-ahead.

So tomorrow Marshall will pick up the Ritalin and we will see...

In the meantime, I have a very close high school friend who was a pediatrician for many years and then went to work at Eli Lilly. He was the inventor of a different ADHD drug (Strattera) and he also worked with many ADHD kids over the years. So I contacted him to see what he thought of giving Ritalin to Marshall. Johnny said that he thought it was a very sound idea and if he were Marshall's doctor he would not hesitate to give it a try. He saw no downside. (Jane, if you read this, I'm talking about John Heiligenstein.)

So I have high hopes for Ritalin.

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