Friday, September 19, 2014

Enjoying the military reunion

Marshall has really been enjoying this reunion -- swapping lies (!) with all his buddies.

We did not make it to the casino yesterday and I blame a certain Colonel for that (who shall remain nameless).  It was disappointing, but we had a nice dinner and came back to the room to watch the football game.

Today we were up bright and early to go out to Kirtland Air Force Base where we were greeted by a bunch of young airmen who basically waited on our group hand and foot.  These airmen are in the same positions as the men in our group -- so it was interesting for the young and the old to hear how the other did their jobs.

They gave tours of the Osprey and then they cooked us (all 250 of us) a wonderful lunch.  Here are some photos of a great day:
Airmen from 58th Special Operations Squadron cooking lunch for us.

Marshall couldn't walk the "tour" so his buddy Joe sat with him at the tables.

One of the aircraft close enough for me to photograph.

Lining up for lunch -- the young airmen were wonderful and spent a lot of time talking to our veterans.
Tonight there is going to be a dedication of a special beer made just for our group and then some of the families of men who were lost are going to join Marshall at his motorcycle to take photos and talk.

Marshall did really well all day -- great mood, better than usual energy.  He rode his bike out to the Air Force Base.  I had to ride the bus because I don't have a base ID card.  But I was able to ride back with him on the bike (they are very particular about who enters the base, but not so particular about who leaves!!)

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