Saturday, September 6, 2014

Depression has not abated

Marshall is still in this deep depression.  We had to go to Pueblo today for an appointment and we usually make that a fun trip.  We always go to lunch or dinner and have a nice time.  Not today.  He couldn't really eat what he wanted because his dentures hurt too much and he was depressed all day.  When he pulls his hat down over his eyes I know it's going to be an utterly miserable day so when he did that, I probably should have suggested that we just skip lunch.  His depression always rubs off on me and then I have trouble functioning.  All I want to do is sleep and dream about better times.  Sleep is a great escape.

We couldn't get an appointment with Dr. Bonney, the VA psychiatrist, because he was off all week.  But he did call and he wants to put Marshall on Ritalin-type drug.  Something called Provigil.  He believes that will help Marshall with his low energy level and at the same time might help the antidepressant work better.  We should get that next week sometime.  God, please let that work!!

PS:  We had satellite internet installed and it is SOOOO much better than CenturyLink's DSL!

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