Monday, September 29, 2014

Nuremberg Tour

Today was the bus tour of Nuremberg.  We were driven through the city and many buildings were pointed out.  Then we stopped at Hitler's Rally Grounds at Zeppelin Field.  It was fascinating to stand in the spot where such awful history took place.

The sun was brilliantly bright today so it was very difficult for me to get a good picture.  This is the best I could do.  Hitler's "podium" is kind of dead center in the picture.  Our guide is in the process of telling us a story.  He said that he brings tours to this area every day and quite often he will see young people up on the podium raising their arm in the Nazi salute, which he thought was in very poor taste.  Then one day he took a better look and realized that what these young people were doing was taking "selfies"!  He is demonstrating that in this photo.

After Zeppelin Field we were dropped off at Market Square to do some shopping.  They made sure Marshall was comfortable (he is sitting close to a McDonald's talking with a guy he met from Michigan...both waiting for their wives).
The boat sailed shortly after we got back on board and we started going through a series of locks.  Here is a photo of Marshall relaxing on our verandah while watching the locks open and close.
Tonight is the welcome dinner.  And right now I have no idea what tomorrow's plans are.  I think we will be in Regensburg and supposedly that town contains the oldest restaurant and bar in the world.

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