Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We are in Albuquerque

We had a very nice drive to Albuquerque today.  Good moods, fun conversation.

When we got to the hotel we had to unload the motorcycle from the trailer.  (Every year he brings his bike to the military reunion and the hotel has always allowed him to park the bike right in front so everyone can see it.  I'll try to get a picture and send it along tomorrow.). Anyway, unloading the bike was a little challenging for several reasons, but Marshall and a few friends got it off the trailer and it is now parked right in front.

Then we had to unhook the trailer from the car and park it in the back of the hotel.  Marshall was exhausted by the time all of that was done.

But we came in and mingled with some of the others who arrived today and we had a lovely evening.  All in all, a very nice day.  Yay!!

Tomorrow's activity is going to the casino.  One of my favorite things to do.

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