Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Psychiatrist visit

Marshall got up today in the same depressed state he was in yesterday. Didn't want to talk, didn't want to eat.

We saw the psychiatrist around 3:00 (Dr. Bonney) and Dr. Bonney decided to stop the Ritalin and instead put Marshall on Provigil for two reasons. First, the VA will pay for it; and (2) he thinks the Provigil will provide the same benefits as the Ritalin without the heightened anxiety that Ritalin can cause. The Provigil is supposed to help with depression and to provide energy. We will start the Provigil tomorrow.

We asked about Abilify and he said he thought that was a great idea and a great drug but the VA does not approve Abilify so it would have to go through our regular supplemental insurance. Dr. Bonney said that Abilify costs around $800 a month, so we will need to see what our insurance will pay before we go that route. I will try to call and find out in the next few days.

Dr. Bonney wants us to call him on Tuesday when we return from Albuquerque and let him know if we see any improvement by using the Provigil.  Depending on how the Provigil works, we can revisit the use of Abilify.  Dr. Bonney said he will gladly write the prescription if we have a reasonable copay with our insurance.

By this evening, Marshall was a little bit perkier, probably looking forward to his military reunion and getting caught up with his buddies.

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