Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nothing is ever easy

Well, now that Marshall's bike was accepted in the bike show, we started getting ready for it but our new Highlander does not have a trailer hitch receiver. The dealership has ordered one for us and they hope it will be in on Thursday. Since we have to get the bike up to Denver and set up on Friday, this is cutting it close. So as of now, it is entirely possible that he will have to miss this show simply because we don't have a trailer hitch for towing the bike up there. It would really be a shame to miss that show, but you can only do what you can do.

Today we went over to Marketplace Shops in Canon City to close out our booth. I decided to rent a smaller space at Marketplace to continue to sell my sterling silver jewelry. It does really well there and I really enjoy making it, so today we closed out our larger booth and I set up my smaller display case.

We were going to come back and do some polishing on the bike, but Marshall ran out of energy so we just came home and went through the piles of stuff that we took out of our booth to see what we are keeping and what we are throwing away. Marshall sold knives -- really nice knives that are Made in America -- and we decided we will sell them on eBay in the coming weeks.  It was a long day for Marshall but he held up REALLY well!

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