Monday, January 20, 2014


At the VFW Friday night, Marshall and I did get up for one slow dance and Char took a picture.  Marshall made it the whole dance before his legs started to give out.

Marshall has been feeling pretty good most of the time.  Still has periodic and unexpected nausea and other gastrointestinal difficulties but we keep the nausea pills super handy.  The petechia on his arms comes and goes. And the hot flashes still hit with a vengeance.

He has really been working on strengthening his legs and I am so glad about that.  He's been losing muscle mass and I'm glad to see him getting some of it back.  Leg strength and balance are very important.

We still haven't gotten word whether or not his bike has been accepted in a huge motorcycle show on February 1st (Marshall's birthday) and after seeing some of the bikes from past shows, we are not sure his bike will make the cut.  Hopefully we will hear for sure today.

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