Saturday, January 25, 2014

My birthday present….

Yesterday we took our 4Runner back to Toyota for the 5th or 6th time complaining about the gas mileage.  The mileage would fluctuate between 18 mpg all the way down to 6 mpg when Marshall was towing the motorcycle.  And when we went to St. Louis for Christmas it wavered between 14 and 16.  Totally unacceptable.  Toyota acknowledged there was a problem but was not able to fix it.

So Marshall was determined to do something about this.  After back-and-forth with our Toyota salesman, we left the dealership yesterday with a 2014 Toyota Highlander.  It sort of made my head swim.  But I do like the Highlander.

And since yesterday was my birthday and Marshall forgot it was my birthday, I have decided this is my birthday present!  The salesman was going to put a bow on it and take a picture of me with the car, but by the time we left the dealership everyone was tired (including Coco who we had to take with us so I could give him his medicine throughout the day) and we just skipped the whole bow/photo thing.

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