Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fun trip to Denver

We have two friends, Jim and Char, who we met 12 or 13 years ago at the VFW in Golden where Jim played in a band. When we moved to Westcliffe, we didn't get to go see him any more and after a few years he stopped playing.

Well, last week, we saw a Facebook post that he was going to play again at the VFW in Golden, so we decided to go up there and surprise them.

We drove up yesterday afternoon and got a hotel, went to dinner and then headed over to the VFW. They were very surprised to see us -- and we also got to see other friends we haven't seen in years. So we had a really fun two days. Marshall's energy held up until about 8:00 and then he started fading so we left.

This is Jim getting set up to play. The dance floor pretty much looked like this all night long (LOL)....

Here's Marshall with our friend Betty on the left and Char on the right.

And most of the people at the VFW were wearing their Broncos shirts. GO BRONCOS!!!

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