Monday, January 6, 2014

4:00am !!!

My day is starting out with  bang.

At 4:00AM this morning, Okie jumped up on the bed and started throwing up all over the bed.  Coco likes to eat that (ugh) so I had to fight with him to get him off the bed while trying to wake myself up.  Okie managed to throw up on both the comforter and the sheets.

I started removing all the bedclothes when I noticed Coco was pooping down the hallway (a little bit of diarrhea).  And Marlee wanted to start eating that (double ugh).

So I had to run to stop Marlee from eating that, but in the meantime, Marlee walked through it and when he ran away from me he tracked poop throughout the house.

So by 5:30AM I was scrubbing the floors, giving Marlee a bath, cleaning Coco up and changing all the bedclothes on my bed.

And now we have to go to the cancer today and I am EXHAUSTED!

**And, by the way, Marshall slept through it all…..

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