Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Photo Shoot

Marshall's depression lifted a bit and we got out and about several times this week.

Sean Halverson, the photographer who is doing the photo shoot, asked us to come to his studio Friday night to do some video of Marshall.  Everything he did was SO cool.  He put Marshall in an entirely black background and sat him in a big armchair.   There was a table next to the chair with a glass of wine on it and an old time radio (indicating the period of time of the VietNam war).  Then he did a video interview and Marshall appeared to be sitting in the shadows but you could see him clearly.  Marshall was dressed in his Harley gear and the glass of wine sitting on the table was kind of a quirky touch.  Really cool.

When he is finished -- which will still be a while -- he plans to post a short video on YouTube and when that happens I'll put the link here.

He also gave Marshall an 8x10 of one of the pictures from the last shoot.
Sean's wife, Heidi, is a fellow crafter (she makes dichroic glass items) so she and I made earrings while Marshall and Sean were doing the video.  It was a fun night.

Then this morning we met Sean at 6:00am (YAWN) so he could get a video of Marshall on the bike.  The town was totally dead at that hour so he was able to shoot Marshall coming towards him and then heading away from him, all on Main Street with no other traffic in the video.

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