Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back to see the doctor

Tomorrow (Monday) we head up to the University Hospital again.  On Monday Marshall has an appointment with an ophthalmologist at the hospital to see if they can do anything about the film that is covering one eye and moving back and forth.  He's had cataract surgery and went back to the ophthalmologist who did that surgery and this doctor said "sorry, nothing can be done, you have to learn to live with it."  That wasn't really an acceptable answer, so we are going to the very highly regarded University doctor to see what she says.

Then Tuesday morning is more lab work and then a visit with the Nurse Practitioner to see where we stand with regard to iron levels, Vitamin B levels, and all the other things they check every two weeks.  Marshall has developed what the Nurse Practitioner said was petechia on his arms.  (I hear that word on Law & Order all the time and now I know what it is...)  Basically that's broken blood vessels that then cause these purple blotches on his arms.  And he scratches them and they get worse.  So we want to talk to her about that.

In addition, he says his legs still have that very very heavy feeling and his knees feel wobbly.  When I consult Dr. Google, it seems like this could be due to the low iron levels, but we will talk to the Nurse about that, too.

Then after that visit on Tuesday, he is taking off on his bike and going to the Wyoming State HOG Rally to enter his bike in another show and I will head back home.  He'll be gone till Sunday.

I have already made an appointment for a massage and a manicure on Wednesday!!

Our sweet sheltie, Marlee, has developed a lipoma (benign fatty tissue) on his stomach.  It is weird looking but at least it is benign.  Poor thing, he is now almost totally deaf, he has thyroid problems, cataracts, and extreme arthritis (without Rimadyl, he can hardly walk).  He does a lot of sleeping these days.  We've bought him a very nice bed with a bolster pillow around it that he loves.  Every hour or so he gets up enough energy to chase the cat and then he lays down for another nap.  We will do whatever it takes to keep him comfortable and pain-free.

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