Saturday, July 20, 2013

Motorcycle is ready

They called last night to say that the motorcycle was fixed so Marshall headed back to Wyoming today to pick it up. They said that they test drove it a bunch of times to be sure it was okay and it checked out.

We had a little meltdown this morning -- every now and then we let ourselves dwell on the cancer and how it has changed our lives and when that happens it gets emotional. But we move on....

Our land line is still out and our internet is still out. I feel so isolated (ha). We are very grateful for the rain but I can do without the lightning strikes.

This morning I went into the cupboard to get a coffee cup out and there was a scorpion in it!!!!!!!!!! My screams scared Marshall to death. It's so weird -- we have neighbors who have lived here 20+ years and they have never seen a scorpion. We have been here 9 years and we have seen 5 scorpions, three of them were in the house. Marshall said it was a "fine specimen" and wanted me to look at it closer. Fat chance.

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