Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In the hospital again

Well, Marshall got back from Wyoming this morning on his trike (it finally was fixed and he was able to pick it up). I went to town to get him at the place where he stores the bike and he pulled in, parked the bike and got off. He was in a great mood.

He took a few steps across the garage and started talking funny and he grabbed the wall at the door and said his stomach hurt. I got him a folding chair that we keep at the garage and he slid down to the chair and he was sweating and cold and clammy (sound familiar? -- something almost like this happened earlier this year here at home) His speech was slurred and he said his vision got blurry. He said his neck felt stiff.

We were only a few blocks from the clinic, so I called 911 and the ambulance was there in moments and took him to Parkview They did some tests in the emergency room and couldn't find anything wrong so they admitted him.

They did an ultrasound of his neck to check the arteries and that looked okay. Tomorrow they are going to do an MRI -- if they can sedate him for it since he has severe claustrophobia -- on his kidneys. They said the blood work showed kidney problems. We've been dealing with this at the oncologist's office, too, so I am hoping it's just another episode of dehydration from the motorcycle trip.

The hospitalist spent a bit of time with us and said for the most part he just didn't see anything wrong. He thinks that perhaps Marshall is having a series of mini-strokes. He did some checking on medications and came back and said it was possible that the Prilosec was interacting badly with the Plavix so we are going to tweak that a bit.

As soon as Marshall gets out of the hospital, we will run all of this by the oncologist to get his feel for this medication tweaking.

And it goes without saying that the eye surgery scheduled for Thursday is going to have to be canceled.

But the good news for the day is that when I got home from the hospital around 11PM I noticed that our phone was working again and our internet is back. It's a small thing in comparison, but it was so nice to be able to have a few things on the plus side.

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