Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2nd day in hospital

Marshall had a brain scan (it was normal); a CT scan of the kidneys (it also was normal); a visit with speech therapists and a visit with a physical therapist (they said he was fine); an EEG (no results yet); and 24-hr heart monitoring (no problems). His blood pressure has been running a little high. Tonight he got an MRI of his brain and we will get those results tomorrow.

The hospitalist said that he really thinks it was a mini-stroke and he hopes that the MRI will determine it for sure. And for the time being Marshall will stop taking Prilosec because it has a potential to interact poorly with Plavix and Plavix is the more important drug.

When I left the hospital this evening, Marshall was up and about and actually taking a walk around the floor. But when I got home and called him, he was kind of depressed. Too many things going on with his health.

He should be released tomorrow and with any luck we will leave there with an actual diagnosis.

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